Our process
Our process uses state-of-the-art technology – with no chemicals – to recycle textile waste into high-quality raw materials that are suitable for new uses. This is a sustainable process that’s competitive with incineration in terms of price – and much better from an environmental perspective.
Automatic robot feeder
The automatic robot loading-feeder is designed to take large bales and/or boxes as well as material in bulk form and feed the material to the downstream processing equipment.
1 st quillotine cutter
First guillotine cutter. The material is conveyed on a feeding belt to a hardened steel roll assembly. The scissor effect produced by two knives makes an accurate and clean cut.
2 nd quillotine cutter
Second guillotine cutter. This is positioned perpendicularly to the first cutter, makes a second cut in order to decrease the size of the processed materials.
blending chamber
The blending bin creates homogeneous material blends. In this stage pollutants such as zippers, buttons etc. are automatically removed from the waste material streams.
Tearing line
Tearing process.The key step where waste streams are processed back to fibres.
Automatic baling press
Automatic baling press. The opened fibers are packed automatically into bales for efficient and easy handling in the downstream processes.